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Based in Tel Aviv

2013 - 2017        Tel Aviv University, M.A.(with honors), Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts
2004 - 2006        Beit Berl College - Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts, Studio Art, Photography
1990 - 1993        University of Haifa, B.A.(with honors), Philosophy and Psychology

Solo Exhibitions
2024  "Rosie", Indie Photography Group Gallery, Curator: Gili Zaidman

2022   "Landscape Becoming Portrait", Jerusalem Artists’ House,                                                        Curator: Nogah Davidson
2021   "Bird Milk", Pop Up Studio Exhibition, Artist's Studio, Kiryat Hamelacha, Tel Aviv,                      Curator: Nogah Davidson

2017   "Sounds From the Deep Freeze", Hamidrasha Gallery - Ha'Yarkon 19, Tel Aviv,
           Curator: Boaz Arad

Selected Group exhibitions
2023  "After the Fact", Indie Photography Group Gallery,
          Curators: Keren Zaltz, David Frenkel, Davy Barel
2023   “Power Nap”, Artspace Tel Aviv, Curator: Danielle​ Cohen Tzadka

2022   “Terrarium”, The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens,
           Curators: Keren Zaltz and Gaby Hamburg Fhima

2022   “Live Fence”, Musrara School of Art and Society, Jerusalem, Curator: Keren Zaltz
2021   “Touching Light”, Beit Ariela, Curator: Kamilla Lozinsky and Rei Dishon
2020   “Corona Time”, Kibbutz Gan Shmuel Gallery, Curator: Adi Yekutieli

2019   "Medarom Festival", Residency project show, Ofakim, Curator: Lilach Dekel-Avneri
2018   "The Moment After", Indie Photography Group Gallery, Tel Aviv,
           Curator: Inbal Cohen Hemo, Accompaniment: Ronit Porat and Orit Bertini Shavit
2018   "Refugees - Response Exhibition", The Red House, Tel Aviv,
           Curators: Hagar Shapira and Shira Moshe
2018   "Saluga - Community Art", The Library of Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University,
           Curator: Nili Viztum
2017   "Nonplace - Movement and Dance", Central Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Igor Zeiger

Curatorial Projects
2023  After the Fact, Indie Photography Group Gallery (with Keren Zaltz and Davy Barel)
2023  Gary Goldstein: Running Up the Wall, Petah Tikva Museum of Art (with Reut Ferster)
2023  Ephrat Beloosesky and Alex Bronfer: One moment silence, please
          Indie Photography Group Gallery
2021  Rotem Rozenboim: As if a man did flee from a lion, and a bear met him
; or went into              the house, and leaned his hand on the wall, and a serpent bit him, Maya Gallery

Selected Lectures & Publications
2022   Erev Rav online magazine, "Creatures", following an Art Incubator at the
           Petah Tikva Museum of Art

2022   Photography as Art with David Frenkel, an interview by Noam Israeli and Michal Lev,              Technoda Radio, August 2022 
2022   A personal interview with David Frenkel by Asi Zigdon, Essence of Life Radio,
           May 2022     
2022   Les Rabbins - Tenou'a magazine for Jewish liberal thought and contemporary art,
           April 2022
2021    David Frenkel - Haaretz | Uzi Zur reviews "Bird Milk", April 2021

2020    "Editor’s Choice - David Frenkel”, Terminal Art Magazine, 68 (July 2020):13
2019    Tel Aviv University, "Art Brut” - guest lecture in the MA seminar “Art and Obsession”
            by Dr. Eyal Dotan, Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts

2019    Bat Yam Museum for Contemporary Art, "Removing Mountains” - an essay following                a trilogy of exhibitions curated by Hila Cohen-Schneiderman
2019    Tel Aviv Museum of Art, "Ferdinand Cheval’s Ideal Palace"
2019    Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, "Uncontrollable Clusters: On Hoarding and Art"
2019    Petach Tikva Museum of Art, "Community Art - What Art Can Do?"
2018    Tel Aviv Museum of Art, "Village Fool: From Court Jesters to Jokers"
2017    Erev Rav online magazine, "Cherries and Other Machines"
2017    Ha'Midrasha Gallery - Ha'Yarkon 19, Tel Aviv, "The Body as an Image Generator"
2015    Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, "The Missing Image" Conference,
            "On Photography and Madness: Following Charcot's Pathology Museum"
2013    Haifa Museum of Art, "Art’s Outer Circles: Outsiders, Naive and Self-Taught Artists",
            Exhibition closing conference, "Queen of the World: A Postmodern Reading of
            Ferdinand Cheval’s Ideal Palace"

Awards & Residencies
2024   A grant for independent creators by The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation
           for the Arts, in collaboration with Tel Aviv Municipality
2020   “Behind the Scenes - Artists Talk about their Work”, A short film grant
           by Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts
2019   Artist Residency, Medarom Festival, Ofakim
2016   Dean's Award of Excellence, Tel Aviv University, Faculty of the Arts

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