Based in Tel Aviv

2013 - 2017        Tel Aviv University, M.A.(with honors), Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts
2004 - 2006        Beit Berl College - Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts, Studio Art, Photography
1990 - 1993        University of Haifa, B.A.(with honors), Philosophy and Psychology

Solo Exhibitions
2022   "Landscape Becoming Portrait", Jerusalem Artists’ House,                                                      Curator: Nogah Davidson
2021   "Bird Milk", Pop Up Studio Exhibition, Artist's Studio, Kiryat Hamelacha, Tel Aviv,                   Curator: Nogah Davidson

2017    "Sounds From the Deep Freeze", Hamidrasha Gallery - Ha'Yarkon 19, Tel Aviv,
           Curator: Boaz Arad

Selected Group exhibitions
2021    “Touching light”, Beit Ariela, Curator: Kamilla Lozinsky and Rei Dishon
2020    “Corona Time”, Kibbutz Gan Shmuel Gallery, Curator: Adi Yekutieli

2019    "Medarom Festival", Residency project show, Ofakim, Curator: Lilach Dekel-Avneri
2018    "The Moment After", Indie Photography Group Gallery, Tel Aviv,
           Curator: Inbal Cohen Hemo, Accompaniment: Ronit Porat and Orit Bertini Shavit
2018    "Refugees - Response Exhibition", The Red House, Tel Aviv,
           Curators: Hagar Shapira and Shira Moshe
2018    "Saluga - Community Art", The Library of Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University,
           Curator: Nili Viztum
2017    "Nonplace - Movement and Dance", Central Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Igor Zeiger

Selected Lectures & Publications
2022   Essence of Life Radio - A personal interview with David Frenkel, May 2022   
2022   Les Rabbins - Tenou'a magazine for Jewish liberal thought and contemporary art,
            April 2022
2021    David Frenkel - Haaretz | Uzi Zur reviews "Bird Milk", April 2021

2020    "Editor’s Choice - David Frenkel”, Terminal Art Magazine, 68 (July 2020):13
2019    Tel Aviv University, "Art Brut” - guest lecture in the MA seminar “Art and Obsession”
            by Dr. Eyal Dotan, Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts

2019    Bat Yam Museum for Contemporary Art, "Removing Mountains” - an essay following             a trilogy of exhibitions curated by Hila Cohen-Schneiderman
2019    Tel Aviv Museum of Art, "Ferdinand Cheval’s Ideal Palace"
2019    Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, "Uncontrollable Clusters: On Hoarding and Art"
2019    Petach Tikva Museum of Art, "Community Art - What Art Can Do?"
2018    Tel Aviv Museum of Art, "Village Fool: From Court Jesters to Jokers"
2017    Erev Rav online magazine, "Cherries and Other Machines"
2017    Ha'Midrasha Gallery - Ha'Yarkon 19, Tel Aviv, "The Body as an Image Generator"
2015    Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, "The Missing Image" Conference,
           "On Photography and Madness: Following Charcot's Pathology Museum"
2013    Haifa Museum of Art, "Art’s Outer Circles: Outsiders, Naive and Self-Taught Artists",
           Exhibition closing conference, "Queen of the World: A Postmodern Reading of
           Ferdinand Cheval’s Ideal Palace"

Awards & Residencies
2020    “Behind the Scenes - Artists Talk about their Work”, A short film grant
           by Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts
2019    Artist Residency, Medarom Festival, Ofakim
2016    Dean's Award of Excellence, Tel Aviv University, Faculty of the Arts