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Artist Statement

In my works I seek to temper certain hierarchies, such as private-public, present-missing or living-dead. My images are taken from the outside not as documentation of a given reality but rather as an active framing which responds emotionally and perceptually to the surroundings, interfering with it out of awareness of the mediating instruments in use.


Through my photography I am interested in exploring multiple techniques that enable the image to become reflective and project its light on the medium's own limits and blind spots. I implement such a practice both during photo shoot and later in the studio, with the aid of digital editing.

I would like my photography to articulate the experience of a guest landing on this planet for a moment. Creation is my means to escape from the trivia of the everyday. Through my work, I withdraw to an alternative reality that can untangle the ordinary shape of things. Such an act might bring about questions and lead to anxiety yet also has the power to generate beauty.

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